Situated in a beautiful heritage building within the Madhavbaug temple complex, the Gujarati medium school has its roots well-entrenched in the great Indian tradition of “help a fellow human being and God will help you”.

The holy precinct of the Laxminarayan temple brings the school its choicest blessings and an abundance of generous donations that support our every endeavour.

More than 100 children benefit from the sponsored education which includes free uniforms, books, field trips and all other facilities that the paying student is provided with. In addition to the Gujarati medium, Madhavbaug also houses a subsidised English Pre-primary section where students from under-privileged homes are given an access to state-of-the-art education at affordable rates, without any compromise on quality.

Whether it is E-Learning, Computer Lab, Music and Art Competitions or Sports Day, the students of Madhavbaug match strides in every field with their fellow students from the English medium school at Earth Pride.

The large and hallowed halls have seen many felicitations, lectures, parent teacher meets, exhibitions and cultural shows in their past 68 years.

Some of the teachers and support staff have been happy witnesses to the blossoming of the school from an infant bud to its present pristine glory.

Hot nutritious snacks made daily by our own staff.
Committed teachers and staff with a service record of more than 25 years.
All functions and competitions of both the Gujarati and English medium schools held jointly in the large halls.
Annual Garage Sale held at the Madhavbaug premises which helps sponsor the education of many students.