Smt. Mangalaben Dalal
In those days where women were still in purdah, this enterprising young President of Kapol Mahila Mandal, with her band of loyal supporters like Chanchalben Muni, Lilavatiben Shroff, Rukshmaniben Parekh and others, envisaged a school where all children could learn, irrespective of social or financial status. Sanskar Balmandir is the proud realization of their hopes and dreams.
Smt. Kamlaben Khambhati
Working shoulder to shoulder with Mangalaben, Kamlaben Khambhati took the reins of the school's financial administration into her largely capable hands. She worked diligently for many years to bring necessary funds to the school’s treasury.
Smt. Shantaben Shroff
A soft-spoken genteel “lady of substance” Shantaben Shroff was the embodiment of compassion and a steely inner strength. Her organizational skills and social enterprise made her a role model for all of us who have the school’s progress at heart. It is these qualities that enhanced her eternal resolve to give her best to the school.
Smt. Shakuntalaben Khambhati
A gentle unassuming lady with an endearing smile, Shakuntalaben Khambhati was the darling of staff and students alike. Even today, they remember their “Bhabhi” for her unadulterated love for the school that superceded all else in her life. She served with single-minded devotion to the cause of deserving students.
Smt. Jaymanben Mainthia
Possessing a strict and forbidding demeanor that hid a heart of gold, Jaymanben was a “lady with a mission”. She worked tirelessly since the inception of the school to help shape it into the beautiful institution it is today. She had a special place in her heart for the welfare of teachers and support staff.

People Behind The Scenes
Managing Trustees
Shri. Pravinchandra Dalal (Chairman)
Shri. Harshad Sheth
Shri. Nitin Khambhati
Shri. Rajesh Muni
Shri Pulin Shroff
Smt. Prabha Muzumdar (Ex-Chairman)
Dr. Vijay Khambhati
Shri Hiten Dalal
Shri Janak Jangla
Managing Committee
Smt. Rekha Sheth (Chairman)
Dr. Smita Khambhati (Vice-Chairman)
Smt. Hansa Shroff (Treasurer)
Smt. Chandrika Khambhati (Treasurer)
Smt. Deepika Parekh (Secretary)
Smt. Mamta Shah (Secretary)
Smt. Varsha Katakia (ex-officio)
Smt. Niranjana Jangla(ex-officio)
Smt. Hansa Gandhi (ex-officio)